Friday, June 12, 2009

~*Edwina&Barry the Bat*~


I have up for sale,"Edwina&Barry the Bat"!She is made entirely of my own patterns and designs.She measures 22 inches tall,without her hat,and 27 inches with her hat.I have made her from tea~stained Osnaburg fabric.I have used artist’s pencils for her eyes,needle~sculpted her nose,and hand~embroidered her mouth with black floss.I have needle~felted her hair from sheep's wool.I have given her a braid,tied with black ribbons.Her hat is made from heavy black burlap,and is removeable for safe storage,simply by removing the pins holding it on her head.Edwina has put on her very best dress,for the Halloween party!It is made from a wonderful,spooky,Halloween Green fabric.All the black party trims are sewn onto her dress.She wears pantalettes from a nice,black patterned cotton.I have painted her a sweet little pair of black shoes.They are tied with black fiber ribbons,and have little rusty jingle~bells on them.I have given Edwina a little bat friend,named Barry.I have also made him from Osnaburg fabric,painted and distressed him.He is permanently attatched to her arm.



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